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Hello Word Beginner

Version for learning vocabulary of:

  • English (for people, who know Polish and want to learn new English vocabulary)
  • Polish (for people, who know English and want to learn new Polish vocabulary)

Hello Word Beginner is a software for learning foreign languages, which allows the user to remember vocabulary in an easy and pleasant way. You can also compete with other users and compare your results in a ranking both within the software and on our web page. Depending on a version, the software is dedicated for beginners, intermediate and advanced users. As far as the age is concerned, thanks to a simple and intuitive navigation both younger and older persons can use our program.

Main program features:

  • 15 language categories with ca. 100 words and definitions in each category,
  • A total set of 1,500 words in the learning application,
  • Each word features a definition, both in English and Polish,
  • 2 learning modes available: normal and reverse, which allows both Polish speaking and English speaking users to learn vocabulary,
  • Saving learning progress,
  • Granting points for good results and possibility to publish the results both within the application and on the Internet on the helloword.eu web page,
  • Continuous preview of the current effectiveness of our learning expressed in %,
  • Current preview of our results and results of other users directly within the application via Wi-Fi or GPRS connection,
  • Feature of many learners on a single device (iPhone, iPod) thanks to the function of setting accounts for any number of users in the application,
  • A separate configuration for each user,
  • The last and most important feature of the program is ease and simplicity of learning and operation!

The software's interface was prepared in the following languages: Polish, English, German, French and Spanish