1. The regulations specify the principles of operation of web service.

  2. The regulations specify rights and responsibilities of service Users, as well as any regulations required by the effective law.


  1. - a web service dedicated to Hello Word vocabulary learning software, enabling the users to define their own sets of vocabulary. web service is owned and administered by Poldata sp.j.

  2. Poldata - Poldata sp.j., an unlimited company with its registered seat in Poznań, os. St. Batorego 40, 60-687 Poznań, having the tax identification number NIP: 9721128309 Regon number: 300227243, entered into the register of entrepreneurs held by the District Court in Poznań, XXI Economic Division of the National Court Register under the number 0000248861.

  3. Vocabulary set - space on the web page made available to the User to allow for defining the User's own sets of vocabulary to use in the Hello Word software.

  4. User - a natural person having the Account at web service, a legal person and an organizational entity with no legal personality who place their vocabulary sets in the service and who consented to the contents of the regulations.

  5. Account - means space in the Web service available after logging, where each User can modify their data and vocabulary sets.

  6. Regulations - the regulations drafted by Poldata, specifying operation and principles of use of the web service.


  1. Registration in the web service is free of charge.

  2. A user, who does not activate his/her Account within 14 days from receiving the confirmation e-mail, can be refused the possibility to activate the account.

  3. The Account may be deleted if the User has not logged in the Web service within the last 6 months.

  4. The Web service reserves the right to block the Account if it is established that the User is not acting according to the effective law and the Web service Regulations.

  5. Vocabulary sets can be defined by a User having the Account only.

  6. The User consents to processing of vocabulary sets by Poldata.

  7. The User consents to possible amendments in vocabulary sets made by an administrator of Web service.

  8. Vocabulary sets are published after their verification by the owner of Web service.

  9. Publication of any forms of advertisement by User without prior consent of web page administrator is prohibited.

  10. Publication of contents and registration of user account containing vulgarisms is prohibited.


  1. It is in the User's responsibility that vocabulary sets published by him/her did not breach the regulations of the effective law or regulations of .

  2. The User publishing a vocabulary set bears any responsibility for its broadly defined contents, in particular for its truthfulness, reliability of its contents, its conformity with the effective general and local laws, customs and moral and ethical standards, as well as with provisions of the regulations.


  1. It is hereby declared that the regulations can be changed by Poldata. Poldata shall inform the users about changes in the regulations and their effectiveness at the web page.

  2. Any changes made to the regulations shall be effective no sooner than within 3 days from their availability at the web page.

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